Friday, July 22, 2011

Introductions to my Soul Work

Hello there everyone! I finally have started my blog (insert wahoo here)! I'm excited to be sharing this gift with the world, and am excited to have a true outlet to be able to express myself & the beauty of this work in its truth. So, if you don't already know me, you're probably wondering, how did she begin this work? My soul work if you will ;)

Well, I've been reading since a very young age & have had very strong intuition all of my life - since I can remember. Growing up, to be honest, I really wasn't sure just exactly what was up with me. At times, I thought I was just crazy, and any day now, they would be coming to commit me. Bummer. turns out; over time I came to realize I had something a little extra-ordinary: the gift of mediumship. This gift traces back with amazing accuracy through generations of my family, dating back to my ancestors all the way in Ireland. My great aunt Annie, who delivered messages with such wild accuracy, actually left Ireland & moved to Scotland, for a break from all of the people that were sleeping over on her porch waiting for messages. (I'm not kidding. I know, right?!) That's an amazing story for another day soon!

At the age of sixteen years old or so, my aunt, nationally renowned medium Maureen Hancock, sat me down one hot summer day in our little tiny office of the home in which I grew up in quaint Massachusetts, to see if I too had this gift. My response at the time....a very polite, "Noo, thank you!!" Well, what do you know, a few moments later I was delivering my first reading, connecting a lovely woman with her mom in Spirit from the other side. Much to my surprise, I was able to instantly validate the woman's name, her mother's name, how she passed, about their purple & yellow afghan in which the mother so beautifully knitted, their family history, her demeanor, her looks here on earth, inside jokes; you name it, I delivered it. With ease, I kind of just blurted it all out, and much to my surprise, it all made sense. And, it freaked me out. And, I loved it - all at the same time.

I continued reading from this age on here and there for friends & family - all through college & beyond - off & on, although I was consistently questioning if I would ever be ready to take on this huge responsibility. "Not now," I would tell myself. It took me years to fully accept & truly be ready to dedicate myself to this work with the respect it deserves. I could not understand how I could do what I was doing with such ease; it just came naturally to me, like it did it every day of my life since I was born and maybe even lifetimes before this one. I knew I had something, something beautiful, but I wasn't sure yet just what that was. I could not fully understand it - and that, as a Virgo, bothered me! (hehe)

When my beautiful brother, our beloved Seany, received his angel wings in an unexpected accident when I was just 21 years old, he was 19; I heard him speak to me from the other side before he passed: before I knew of anything. I literally heard him speak to me, beautifully in stillness, while I was driving home, "Stash, I'm not here anymore, I'm with Gram." I knew he was more than okay in this moment, but I still had to live through the journey my grief in his physical passing. This would become, in that exact, precise moment that is forever instilled in my every being of my soul, the pure & full reason for my work.

My one & true & only goal in doing this work is to shift the traditional thinking about death. To me, death does not exist; it's solely (or soul-ly rather ;) a transformation of our love & energy to the other side, as simple as that. All that exists there is love, pure love, everything wonderful. My message is to let you ALL know, your loved ones are here too, and they're smiling, and they're happy, and they are ALWAYS with us! Live for them, celebrate them, celebrate you, embrace this beautiful journey called life & always give it your best!

Anastassia Grace