Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When It Gets Better...And It Will.

I thought my life was over at twenty one, seriously. Over. I mean gut-wrenching, scared shitless, no hope, over. 

Those were some of the darkest times in my life, and we all have them; we’ve all been there, in the hole, with a tight lid with no seemingly way out.  Your heart was just ripped out; a dear loved one just arrived in Heaven, your favorite pet just passed, after forty years at the same company you just lost your job and your "security", or maybe a relationship has run it's course. We've all been there; I have, too. When you couldn’t eat, when you couldn’t sleep, when you couldn’t breathe right, much less get out of your own way or stopping pounding on the walls asking ‘WHY?!’

You see there was a day when I couldn’t get off the couch, when my family & friends had to hand feed me, pour me drinks of Gatorade, encouraging me to take just a few sips to nourish my body, in those first few minutes, hours, days and months since my younger & only brother Sean passed in a tragic, unexpected accident. When I had to stare at the police when they told me my brother had “died." Yet, I came to learn in the years after his passing, through much soul-searching, many tears, some anger, resentment, and huge anxiety & paralyzing fear, that death is not real. It doesn’t exist. Period. You see, you were actually taught wrong. Death is simply an illusion, not merely the end.

The good news is that it gets better. It really does. I'm living proof of this little miracle, the illuminating rainbow in the heavy storm. It has been said that before every breakthrough, may come a breakdown, and my momma simply calls it a break. I thought my brother would miss everything in our lives, when in fact, he hasn't missed a thing. He didn't die. Nobody ever dies. What a silly thought. We just go on; we become more magnificent and free, happy, safe, eternal, and all-encompassing love beings. When I got married, you bet he was there in Spirit for all of us- in the form of a beautiful double rainbow, just as we exited the church doors. "You're here," I thought. And damn, that felt so good to know he was with us - and that he will continue to be with us, just as your loved ones will. Sure, there may be some challenging moments, trust they will pass.

You're not going to feel like "this" your entire life. Just do it minute by minute, or rather, second by second. I promise you can make it through this, while still allowing yourself to experience peace and joy again. Our loved ones want us to experience this. In fact, they are experiencing it with you, cheering you on to live your very best life possible! What does this look like for you? Will you allow yourself permission to experience this gift now? I so hope you will; I promise this will only help to strengthen your eternal bond with everyone you love, both here and there.

Blissfully Believing In You,
Anastassia Grace

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Post: Necole Stephens - A Life Celebration ♥

Yesterday was the Second Angelversary for my son, Zachary. Our closest friends and family gathered for a beautiful Dove Release in honor of him. We had perfect weather and strong winds at exacty the right moments. We could all feel Zachary’s presence around us. Words cannot convey our gratitude for all of the love we felt for Zachary. Zachary’s classmates each shared a treasured memory they had of Zach. The words spoken about Zachary are a true testament of the legacy Zachary has left imprinted on so many …Zachary’s infectious smile, his belly laugh, his genuineness, Zachary’s kindness, his silliness, his loyalty and most of all, his compassion for all. These profound words spoken by all of his friends truly touched my soul and I know the souls of so many others. I had tears of sorrow and tears for feeling so blessed.♥ Zachary has a remarkable group of friends. Today they joined together and My Angel was wrapping his wings around each of us.

A friend of mine who is a photographer took photos and captured some amazing orbs!
The last sentence of my speeach was “Zachary, may you continue to soar high in the open skies!” …and he is ♥

Last night my son Christopher slept over his friend’s Brandon’s house after the gathering. This morning I woke to a text from my son, a text from Brandon and a text from Brandon’s mom – all three had sent me a photo, saying “Look at the top right corner of shed!”…..there is a dove!!!! ♥♥♥ Love it!! (and love that they all were so excited about it!)

Michelle had this to share:

“I was truly amazed – I have been here 15 years and I have never seen a dove at my house. I told Chris and Brandon too look out the window so they could see. I was very excited and made me think of how special and amazing your family is. I am glad Chris stayed over I don’t think we would of seen the dove if he hadn’t.”

Zachary, We will never think of you as gone but rather that you have carried on doing the things you were meant to do. We love you and miss eternally. May you continue to soar through the open skies.

Thank you for a special day. I am so grateful Zachary chose me as his mom.

Angel Kisses,

Necole Stephens is a Spirit Medium and certified Reiki Master. Necole teaches meditation/Intuitive Development classes. Necole is the founder of a non profit 501(c)3 organization in loving memory of her son, Zachary. To schedule a Private Session or for Necole's upcoming Events, Please visit or email Necole at: Follow Necole on Facebook @

“I know firsthand how painful grief is. Communication with our loved one is always available for us to experience. We just have to have an open heart and an open mind. Embrace what is before us and know there is so much more out there. Our loved ones never truly leave us and want us to know they are ok. They also want us to be ok. They will always be there when we need them... to continuously love us, send us special messages, guide us, and help us through our very own journey." ~ Necole